Here are the top 5 best racing games like Forza Horizon with high graphics.

Car racing games have long been the adrenaline-fueled playgrounds for enthusiasts and gamers alike. From the realistic simulators to the arcade-style thrills, these games encapsulate the speed, precision, and thrill of the track. The virtual realm of car racing games offers a diverse array of experiences, from navigating iconic tracks to creating customized rides. Players immerse themselves in a world where every turn, every drift, and every split-second decision matters. The graphics and attention to detail in these games bring to life the roar of engines, the squeal of tires, and the breathtaking landscapes that blur by. Whether it’s competing against AI drivers or challenging friends in multiplayer modes, the competitive spirit thrives in these digital arenas. From classic titles that pioneered the genre to modern masterpieces pushing the boundaries of realism, car racing games continually evolve, offering an ever-expanding roster of cars, tracks, and customization options. The thrill of victory and the pursuit of perfection keep players hooked, fostering a community passionate about speed, strategy, and skill in the virtual world of racing games.

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1. Assoluto Racing

For the first time ever on mobile, race on Nürburgring Nordschleife, Fuji Speedway, and Tsukuba! Take to the racetrack with beautiful officially licensed cars from the top manufacturers in the world. Pick from some of the premiere JDM, European or American makers and hone your skills to be #1!

The most realistic physics engine on mobile will give you unmatched control on the road and under the hood. Experience real driving on the grid, touge, and sections of Tokyo highway.

You can live your fantasy of being a professional driver by purchasing, tuning and customizing the car of your dreams. Join the millions of gearheads worldwide who have accepted the true driving challenge!

✓Adjust gear ratios
✓Reduce weight
✓Improve your torque and HP
✓Change Camber
✓Install new exhaust, transmission, and suspension
✓Improve redline RPM
✓Swap to slick and semi-slick tires
✓Get new rims and paints

All these changes influence the way your car handles or looks!

Collect cars from McLaren, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-benz, Porsche, Mitsubishi, and more! Drive the iconic GTR, Lancer Evolution, or M3 and take them to the top of the leaderboards!
Make sure to get our special bodykit tuner versions of some of your favorite rides as well!


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2. Redline: Sport - Car Racing

Car racing games are a symphony of speed and strategy, drawing players into a world where split-second decisions determine victory or defeat. The genre spans a spectrum, catering to casual players seeking high-speed fun and hardcore enthusiasts craving hyper-realistic simulations. These games showcase a variety of modes, from career-based progression to open-world exploration, satisfying different gaming preferences. The sensation of hurtling down tracks at breakneck speeds, mastering hairpin turns, and executing flawless drifts is both exhilarating and addictive.

The diverse range of vehicles, from sleek sports cars to rugged off-road machines, adds depth to the gaming experience, allowing players to find their perfect ride. Visual and audio effects transport players to the heart of the action, amplifying the intensity of each race.

Online multiplayer modes create a dynamic community where players from across the globe compete, forming rivalries and friendships in the pursuit of podium finishes. With each game release, technological advancements elevate the realism, pushing boundaries in graphics, physics, and mechanics, delivering an immersive experience that leaves players craving more adrenaline-fueled excitement. Car racing games have become not just a pastime but a culture, uniting enthusiasts under the banner of speed and competition in the digital realm.


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3. Drift Legends 2 Car Racing

open beta 2.0
Experience the ultimate drift racing sensation in Drift Legends 2, the second installment of the incredibly realistic 3D drifting game. Take control of highly-detailed legendary drift cars and conquer various tracks as you strive to break records. Engage in both offline and online drift racing events, progressing from a novice to a professional drift driver. Test your skills in a ghost multiplayer game mode, if you think you are tough enough. Challenge other drift lovers and ascend to the pinnacle of the cross-platform online leaderboard.


– Enjoy realistic physics, simulating every aspect of car behaviour;
– Drive more than 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drifting cars;
– Drift on detailed tracks with different layouts;
– Career mode allows you to get more experience, complete achievements and unlock powerful secret cars;
– Every car behaves differently. Feel the power and weight, find your balance;
– Customize your cars with exclusive paintjobs, rims, tires and plates;
– Real engine sounds for every car;
– Turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds;
– Realistic 3D graphics.

If you’re a car enthusiast, this game is definitely for you!


513 MB

4. Off Road: Mud Truck Games

Off Road is an addictive ultimate mud truck driving game and realistic car racing simulator. Are you ready to start the race in rugged environments and test your driving skills?

Stunning detailed graphics, a huge selection of 4×4 trucks, real driving physics, endless upgrades & customization, and various offroad racing challenges! Get the most realistic off-road racing experience right now!

Off Road racing simulator features:
– Gorgeous graphics & realistic car driving physics
– Various 4×4 trucks & vehicles with different driving characteristics
– Endless tuning & car customization
– Real cars & trucks sounds
– Simple & convenient in-game map
– Dozens of offroad racing challenges & time trials
– Various extreme obstacles in the best 4×4 off road games traditions

Off Road is a driving open road truck simulator for fans of Snow Runner, 4×4 Mania, Offroad Outlaws, Mud Runner, and other off the road mudding games. Endless dirt racing awaits you in this epic off-roading car simulator truck game!

Complete all the challenges and pass races and become a real professional offroading mud truck driver. Do you like off-road diesel truck games? Then download the Off Road drive rally simulator and embark on a unique driving extreme terrain offroad adventure!


386 MB

5. Gear.Club - True Racing

Car racing games stand as a testament to the marriage of technological prowess and the raw thrill of high-speed competition. In these virtual arenas, players embark on a sensory journey, where the roar of engines, the squeal of tires, and the rush of wind create an immersive experience. From the iconic tracks of real-world racing circuits to fantastical, imaginative landscapes, these games offer a diverse range of environments that cater to every racing fantasy.

The heart of these games lies in their diversity, catering to a wide spectrum of players. Whether it’s the hardcore simulation aficionado seeking precision and authenticity or the casual gamer looking for high-octane excitement, car racing games provide a playground for all. The thrill extends beyond the track, with customization options allowing players to tailor their vehicles to reflect their personality and style, creating a deeper connection between player and machine.

The competitive spirit burns brightly in the multiplayer realms of car racing games. Here, racers from across the globe collide, forming alliances, rivalries, and friendships in the pursuit of victory. The online communities thrive, fostering a camaraderie built on shared passion for speed and skill. With every race, players refine their techniques, learning the intricacies of each vehicle and track, constantly pushing the boundaries of their abilities in the pursuit of podium glory.


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