Top 5 best hidden cricket games for android | high graphics (online/offline)

Here are top 5 best hidden cricket games for android:

Cricket games have long captured the hearts of fans around the world, offering an immersive and dynamic experience that brings the excitement of the sport to life. The allure of cricket games lies in their ability to replicate the intricate details and strategies of real-world matches. These games often feature realistic graphics, detailed player animations, and lifelike stadium environments, making players feel as though they are part of a live match. The thrill of making strategic decisions, such as choosing the right bowlers, setting field placements, and timing shots perfectly, mirrors the complexities faced by real-life cricket captains and players.

Moreover, cricket games have evolved to include various formats, from Test matches to T20, each requiring different skills and tactics. This diversity allows players to experience the full spectrum of cricket, from the patient, strategic play of Test cricket to the fast-paced, high-adrenaline action of T20. Advanced AI opponents and online multiplayer modes offer endless replayability, as players can challenge themselves against increasingly skilled opponents or compete against friends and cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The career modes in these games often allow players to create and develop their own cricketers, guiding them through training, matches, and tournaments to achieve legendary status. This personalized journey adds a layer of depth and engagement, making every victory feel personal and hard-earned. Additionally, regular updates and downloadable content ensure that the games stay current with real-world cricket events, rosters, and stats, enhancing the realism and relevance of the gameplay experience.

The inclusion of commentary from famous cricket pundits and realistic crowd reactions further enhances the immersion, making players feel as though they are part of a global cricketing event. With intuitive controls that cater to both casual gamers and hardcore cricket fans, these games strike a perfect balance between accessibility and depth. Whether it’s the joy of hitting a perfect cover drive, the satisfaction of a well-executed yorker, or the strategic planning of a field setup, cricket games offer a comprehensive and thrilling experience that celebrates the spirit and excitement of the sport.

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1. WCB2 Play My Career Cricket

cricket games

WCB2 (World Cricket Battle 2) is the most advanced next-generation 3D cricket game with real cricket simulation experience on Google Play Store.

World Cricket Battle 2 is a real treat to all Cricket Fans who want to try out a wide range of World Cricket Championships including the most authentic My Career Mode, T20 Cricket Leagues & Real-Time Cricket Batting Multiplayer!

Play cricket against Real Opponents in World Cricket Battle Real-Time Multiplayer mode. Play real cricket battles in Private Rooms with your friends or play with a Random opponent through Match-making. Enjoy the game with fun-filled emojis!

The much-awaited T20 Cricket Premier League Cup Auction Mode is now available with express gameplay with autoplay option. Become a Franchise Owner and form the strongest Cricket team by picking your favourite Cricket Players across the World.

This mode gives you an opportunity to start your International Cricket Career in the virtual game world. You will be starting you cricket career in Street Cricket matches and you will progress through various stages of Cricket Journey until you reach the retirement age! In every stage you have to accomplish certain target scores and milestones to move forward. You will be made as your Cricket Team Captain at certain stages and with your Cricket Captaincy Skills and Success rate, you can hold your captainship.

Unlike other Cricket games World Cricket Battle gives you the Best Cricket Experience with its advanced real-time difficulty optimization algorithm with which you cannot cheat the AI and also hitting continuous sixes will not be easy. The gameplay difficulty will be unpredictable throughout the game which makes every match a nail-biting match!

First Ever Mobile Cricket game to introduce this feature. As in real life cricket the weather changes are unpredictable and it can play the spoil sport anytime during the match. Here in World Cricket Battle you can choose to play in overcast mode to experience the Rain Interruption and D/L method.

World Cricket Battle has a variety of World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, Premier Leagues including the Indian T20 Premier League, Pakistan T20 Super League, Bangladesh T20 Premier League, Big T20 Bash Cricket & Clash Of Fans.

Third Umpire, DRS, Ultra-Edge Detection with Snickometer, Real Life Weather Changes (Day, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk & Night), D/L Method, Sledging, Numerous Cut Scenes, Variety of Cameras including Batting & Bowling Pro Cam, Players Dressing Room, Change Bat during the game, Hat/Cap change during gameplay, Drinks to boost batting power, Commentary Box with Commentators, Cheer Leaders, Net Practice & Dream XI team with all Legendary players, Wagon Wheel, Hawk-Eye & Manual Field Setup.

60+Batting Shot, 10 Different Bowling Action & Unique Face and Physique for Top Players.
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Minimum 2GB RAM
OS: Version 4.2 and above


484 MB

2. CCL24 Cricket Game

top cricket games

Here are some outstanding features of Champion Cricket League CCL24 APK:

  • Diverse Game Modes: CCL24 APK offers a variety of game modes, from quick matches, team tournaments, to challenge modes and more. Players can enjoy flexibility in their gaming experience.
  • Crisp and Vivid Graphics: With high-quality graphics, CCL 24 download android recreates the field, players and every detail with amazing realism. This creates an exceptional gaming experience, like you are participating directly in each match.
  • Unique Player Details: Each player in CCL 24 APK has unique characteristics, from unique skills to movements and gestures on the field. This helps increase strategy and excitement during play.
  • Compelling Sound: The CCL24’s dynamic sound is a special feature, with the sound of the ball hitting the bat, cheering spectators, and supporting sounds creating the atmosphere of being on a real cricket field.
  • Gaming Community: CCL24 download link for android creates opportunities to connect with a community of players around the world. You can challenge friends, participate in online tournaments, and share your achievements on social platforms.
  • Regular Updates: The game is always updated with new features and bug fixes to ensure an increasingly perfect gaming experience. Players can expect regular updates to maintain freshness.

Interface, graphics on CCL24 Cricket League Game iOS

Realistic Graphics Quality: The first thing that captivated me was the realistic graphic quality of Champions Cricket League download for android. From the field, players to small details like the grass on the field, all are recreated with very high sharpness and care, helping players feel like they are participating in every match on the field.

Flexible Player Movements: The graphics are not only beautiful but also contain special flexibility in the player’s movements. From powerful shots to technical moves, each movement is expressed naturally, adding to the realism of the game.

Beautiful Lighting Effects: The game’s lighting effects add a sophisticated atmosphere. Sunlight shines on every detail, creating unique shadows, making each match more vivid and attractive.

Field Interaction: Graphics not only focus on the players but also simulate the details of the field. The ground, the pitch and even the symbols on the field are all designed with care, creating a perfect picture for a cricket match.

How to play, gameplay for CCL24 Cricket Mobile APK

Diverse Game Modes: CCL24 Cricket Game APK offers a variety of game modes, including quick matches, team tournaments, challenge modes, and global tournaments. Players can choose according to personal preferences and available time.

Flexible Controls: The game’s control system is designed to make it easy for players to adapt. You can control your players in every aspect, from formation to shots and throws.

Techniques and Tactics: download link CCL24 encourages players to develop their techniques and tactics. You can adjust your team strategy, choose the right shots, and even manage difficult situations to ensure victory.

Individual Players: Each player in RC24 new update has unique characteristics, from playing technique to playing style. Choosing a squad and making the most of each player’s skills is an important key to achieving high performance.

Community Challenge: CCL24 creates a community challenge environment. You can challenge friends in private matches, participate in online tournaments, and review online rankings to measure your ability against the global community of players.

Pros and Cons of CCL24 Cricket League Game APK


  • Sharp Graphics: The biggest advantage of CCL 24 Game download APK is high quality graphics, creating a vivid and realistic visual experience.
  • Diverse Gaming Experience: Having multiple game modes, from quick matches to long-term tournaments, gives players flexibility and variety of options.
  • Unique Player Details: Each player has unique characteristics, from skills to movements, creating diversity and excitement in gameplay.
  • Large Gaming Community: The ability to connect with a global community of players, challenge friends, and participate in online tournaments is a strong point.


  • High Equipment Requirements: Sometimes, to have the best gaming experience, players need to own a device with quite high configuration.
  • Power Consumption: Due to the high quality graphics, the game may consume more power than some other games, especially on devices with low batteries.


CCL24 Cricket Game APK takes players into a vivid cricket world with outstanding graphics and diverse gaming experiences. Although there are small disadvantages, the outstanding advantages and regular care and updates from the developer make the game an attractive choice for cricket lovers.


311 MB

3. Big Bash Cricket

cricket games

The brand new BIG BASH CRICKET game is now BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!
With improved gameplay and graphics you can enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience yet.

Play authentic shots as your favorite player for your chosen BBL or WBBL club in their home stadium.

Realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses take you closer to the action than ever before.
Authentic visuals mean you’ll really want to celebrate that slogged six or well-worked wicket.
Choose between a quick play contest, a complete season or take on the unique challenge of a Super Over, all for in-game gold.

And for the first time, you can play online with your friends as you battle it out in Batting Multiplayer.

Big Bash Cricket – get the most fun, exciting and rewarding cricket gaming experience you can have outside a stadium!

For the first time on mobile men and women’s cricket and more features coming soon!

What’s new – Updated BBL Squads for 2019/20 Season
– Improved Player Likeness
– Minor bug fixes


241 MB

4. KKR Cricket 2018

cricket game

KKR Cricket 2018 is the official video game of Kolkata Knight Riders, a cricket team that has been playing in the Indian Premier League since its founding. And like every good official game, this one has all the related licenses, meaning you can see real kit, real players, and even real photos of all the players.

The controls in KKR Cricket 2018 are quite well adapted to touch devices. When you’re at bat you just have to slide your finger onscreen at the right moment. Do it right and send the ball far enough and you can try for a run. When you’re bowling, you also have to tap the screen at the right moment; this time, though, the idea is to send your opponent off the pitch with no runs.


In KKR Cricket 2018 you can play either a quick game against the AI or a tournament. Plus from the main menu you can manage your team, make lineups, etc.

KKR Cricket 2018 is a splendid cricket game with noteworthy graphics, official licenses, and a fun game system for all audiences.


70 MB

5. Cricket Man Of the Match : Player Career

cricket games

Cricket made so HANDY & ADDICTIVE!

Cricket MoM by Creative Monkey Games is the most advanced 3D Cricket Career Game developed for Hard-core Cricket Fans! Being “Man of the Match (MoM)” is the proud moment for every cricketer and Cricket MoM will put you in the shoes of those batsmen who have to win matches for their team. Play T20 tournaments or World Championship Cups like World Cup / Premier League Cup and take your team towards Victory.

Being a Cricket lover you can now play as your favourite Cricket Star and Win matches and tournaments for your favourite team. With your extraordinary batting skills chase huge targets and win matches for your team and experience the MAN OF THE MATCH moment!


Unlike other Cricket games, Cricket MoM has a Unique Gameplay. You need to unlock a favourite player from your favourite team and you will play as that player throughout the match/tournament. While you are batting, a BOT will play alongside as your Batting partner. Brilliant, isn’t it?


You can unlock multiple players from multiple teams and can play for all your favourite players. Individual Track records of each player will be available for you which makes this game as the Best Cricket Career game.


Cricket MoM has the Best Ever Graphics and Animation for Mobile Platforms with Unique Player Faces and Sporty Jerseys. Stadiums are so realistic which looks awesome in both Day and Night modes. Numerous Batting shots including Front foot, Back foot, Down the track, Helicopter shot, Dil-Scoop, Uper-Cut and few Unorthodox shots etc. and realistic bowling & fielding animations along with engaging cut scenes with scintillating actions gives you Real Cricket experience. First mobile game to feature most engaging Presentation Ceremony!


Of course, other than individual cricket career there is an option to play for entire team like usual Cricket games!


We have brought the most realistic and exact Cricket Simulation to your Mobile phones! Also our Cricket engine has the most precise batting shot accuracy and hit direction. So playing a gap shot cannot be easier than this!


World Cup, T20 Championship and Premier League Cup


20 One Day International and 8 Domestic Cricket playing teams


# Supports both Portrait and Landscape Modes.

# Real-Time Professional English Commentary

# Normal and Hard Mode

# Smooth and Advanced Cricket Gameplay

# Easy Bowling Controls with 3D Swing Predictor

# Field Change Editor

# Auto Saved Game Progress

# Revive Players by Watching Video or using Diamonds

# Individual Player Track Record along with Your Statistics (Matches Played, Won, Runs Scored, 50s, 100s, 200s, MOM awards, Avg. Strike Rate)

# Over throws

# LED Stumps


1. First Unlock Player of your choice with given GEMS

2. Play well for your selected “YOU” Player and score highest runs and take your team to victory.

3. Receive MoM (Man of the Match) award along with GEMS & COINS as additional reward.


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What’s New in the Latest Version 1.36

Last updated on Dec 5, 2017

Added 2 New Stadiums


429 MB

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