Cricket Games For Android

Cricket games for Android bring the thrill of the sport to our fingertips. With realistic graphics and intuitive controls, these games allow us to experience the excitement of cricket matches anytime, anywhere. From choosing our favorite teams to strategizing gameplay, these apps immerse us in the world of pitches and boundaries.

Whether batting or bowling, these games offer a variety of modes that cater to different play styles. We can dive into quick matches, participate in tournaments, or even create our custom leagues. The range of difficulty levels ensures both casual gamers and cricket enthusiasts can enjoy the challenge.

Multiplayer options let us compete against friends or players worldwide, adding a competitive edge to the experience. The attention to detail, such as player animations and stadium designs, creates an authentic atmosphere that enhances the immersion. Regular updates keep the game content fresh and engaging, and in-app purchases offer additional customization and gameplay options.

Whether reliving classic matches or inventing new ones, cricket games for Android have become an essential source of entertainment for sports lovers on the go.

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1.Dream Cricket 2024

Introducing Dream Cricket 2024 – an electrifying mobile cricket game tailored for ardent cricket aficionados! Immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic 3D cricket encounter, right from the comfort of your mobile device. The game’s cutting-edge motion graphics transport players into the heart of the action, replicating the sensation of being on the actual field.

Explore an array of gameplay possibilities encompassing batting, bowling, and fielding. Dream Cricket 2024 presents a plethora of formats and series to hone your skills, elevate your prowess, and ascend the ranks. Engage in captivating player vs. player (PvP) multiplayer matches garnished with dynamic commentary for a truly immersive experience. The game houses formidable challenges across various levels, ensuring enduring engagement.

Step into the shoes of renowned cricketers and steer your own Dream team, composed of authentically rendered 3D Licensed Cricketers. The game’s user-friendly controls and sophisticated gameplay mechanics provide a remarkably authentic and exhilarating encounter. From novices to veterans, players of all proficiencies can seamlessly navigate the intuitive controls.

Incorporating an enthralling league system, the game pushes your skills to the limit, bestowing in-game rewards as a testament to your prowess. As a batsman, precision and technique are your allies to amass runs, while as a bowler, strategic acumen is crucial to outwit the opposition’s batting lineup.

In sum, this mobile cricket marvel is an ideal sanctuary for enthusiasts seeking a polished and riveting gaming saga. The game’s fidelity to realism, accompanied by immersive commentary and an array of features, guarantees boundless amusement across all skill levels. Secure your pre-registration today and become a part of this exhilarating journey!



2. Gamefly

Embark on a cricketing adventure like no other with this immersive mobile experience. Enjoy a range of features that bring the excitement of the sport to your fingertips:

1. **Realistic Gameplay:** Step onto the virtual field with stunning 3D graphics and lifelike animations that replicate the essence of cricket.

2. **Multiple Game Modes:** Engage in quick matches, dive into challenging tournaments, or create your own leagues for hours of diverse gameplay.

3. **Batting and Bowling:** Test your skills with intuitive controls that allow you to swing the bat and deliver strategic bowls with precision.

4. **Player Customization:** Create your unique cricket persona with customizable avatars, kits, and equipment.

5. **Team Management:** Build and manage your dream team, selecting from a pool of real-life players with varying abilities.

6. **Multiplayer Battles:** Compete against friends or players worldwide in intense player vs. player matches, showcasing your cricket prowess.

7. **Dynamic Commentary:** Immerse yourself in the game with dynamic commentary that adds an authentic touch to your matches.

8. **Challenging AI:** Take on computer-controlled opponents with varying difficulty levels to continuously challenge your skills.

9. **Strategic Gameplay:** Craft winning strategies to outsmart opponents, adjusting field placements and tactics as the match unfolds.

10. **Realistic Physics:** Experience accurate ball physics that simulate the bounce, swing, and spin, adding depth to your gameplay.

11. **Tournaments and Championships:** Participate in iconic cricket tournaments and championships, competing for glory on a global scale.

12. **Progression System:** Advance through levels and unlock new venues, equipment, and challenges as you improve your skills.

13. **Training Modes:** Hone your abilities with specialized training modes that focus on batting, bowling, and fielding techniques.

14. **Innovative Camera Angles:** Choose from various camera angles to capture the action from different perspectives during matches.

15. **Weather Conditions:** Play in various weather conditions that impact gameplay, adding an extra layer of realism and strategy.

16. **Player Stats:** Track your performance statistics, including runs scored, wickets taken, and more, to measure your progress.

17. **Achievements and Rewards:** Earn in-game rewards and achievements for completing challenges and reaching milestones.

18. **Instant Replays:** Relive your best moments with instant replays, allowing you to review key actions during the match.

19. **Spectacular Stadiums:** Play in iconic cricket venues around the world, each meticulously recreated to capture the essence of the sport.

20. **Regular Updates:** Enjoy a constantly evolving gaming experience with regular updates that introduce new features, players, and content.

With these features, you’ll have an all-encompassing cricketing universe right at your fingertips, ready to provide endless hours of entertainment and competition.



3. World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2)

Introducing World Cricket Battle 2, also known as WCB2, an advanced 3D cricket game designed to provide an authentic cricket simulation experience exclusively for the Android Platform.

World Cricket Battle 2 caters to cricket enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of World Cricket Championships, including the highly authentic My Career Modes and engaging Real-Time Cricket Batting Multiplayer.

Engage in real-time battles against actual opponents in World Cricket Battle’s multiplayer mode. Whether you opt for Private Rooms with friends or face random opponents through Match-making, you’ll experience genuine competition accompanied by a plethora of enjoyable emojis. It’s important to note that there are no bots involved, ensuring a truly competitive environment.

The highly anticipated Premier League Cup Auction Mode is now accessible, featuring swift gameplay and an autoplay option for added convenience.

World Cricket Battle 2 introduces an array of My Career Modes that allow you to embark on your virtual International Cricket journey. From Street Cricket matches to progressing through distinct stages of your cricket career, this mode offers a challenging and rewarding experience. As you advance, you’ll need to achieve specific target scores and milestones. At certain stages, you’ll assume the role of Cricket Team Captain, utilizing your captaincy skills to lead your team.

Setting itself apart from other cricket games, World Cricket Battle 2 delivers a superlative cricket encounter. The game employs an advanced real-time difficulty optimization algorithm, eliminating the possibility of AI cheating and ensuring continuous sixes are not easily attainable. The unpredictable gameplay difficulty throughout each match keeps the excitement levels high.

In a first for mobile cricket games, World Cricket Battle 2 introduces the Rain and Duckworth-Lewis feature. Weather changes, akin to real-life cricket, can unpredictably impact matches. The overcast mode offers a taste of Rain Interruption and the D/L method.

World Cricket Battle 2 encompasses a broad spectrum of World Cricket Championships, including the World Cup, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, and prestigious Premier Leagues such as the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricket, and Clash Of Fans.

The game boasts a myriad of features, including the Third Umpire, DRS, Ultra-Edge Detection with Snickometer, dynamic Weather Changes, Sledging, Cut Scenes, and a variety of Camera Angles. Additional elements like Batting & Bowling Pro Cam, Players’ Dressing Room, in-game Bat and Hat/Cap changes, and Commentary Box with Commentators contribute to the immersive experience. Net Practice, Dream XI team with Legendary players, Wagon Wheel, Hawk-Eye, and Manual Field Setup further enrich the gameplay.

World Cricket Battle 2 features over 60 Batting Shots, diverse Bowling Actions, and distinct Face and Physique attributes for top players, ensuring a visually captivating and realistic experience.

To serve you better, we request the following permissions from our users:

– GET_ACCOUNTS: To access Google Game Play Services for login purposes.
– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save and retrieve gameplay data.
– READ_PHONE_STATE: To provide relevant notifications on updates and offers.
– ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To detect location for region-specific content.

– Minimum 2GB RAM
– OS: Version 4.2 and above



4. Real Cricket™ 22

Introducing Real Cricket™ 22 – Your Ultimate Destination for an Authentic Mobile Cricket Simulation Experience! Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive and detailed cricket game available on your mobile device.

Engage in high-stakes tournaments or create your own within the vibrant Real Cricket™ community. This mode accommodates various tournament formats to suit players’ preferences and is open to participants from all corners of the world. Dive in and experience daily victories!

Indulge in classic 1 vs 1 Multiplayer battles, ranked and unranked, against players worldwide. The enhanced Ranked Multiplayer features Dream Team Challenge, Premier League, and Pro Series modes. These modes pave the way to earning your Legend’s title, and invite your friends to thrilling multiplayer matches.

Discover an extensive assortment of over 600+ batting shots in Real Cricket 22, offering players the chance to craft their distinct and advanced batting styles. As the sole mobile game to provide such an extensive array of Batting shots, Real Cricket 22 sets itself apart.

Experience an unprecedented level of authenticity with lifelike fielding and catching animations, coupled with breathtaking batting shots. Motion capture technology brings the game to life, enhancing the on-field action with dynamic cut scenes.

Elevate your cricket experience with live commentary in English & Hindi from renowned commentators such as Sanjay Manjrekar, Aakash Chopra, Vivek Razdan, Danny Morrisson & Lisa Sthalekar, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.

Unveil an array of ALL-NEW STADIUMS that mirror real-world cricket venues around the globe. Engage with your favorite teams amidst the cheers of crowds in picturesque International Cricket Stadiums.

Craft your unique batting style for each player using the shot map, which empowers you to select desired shots. Share your presets with friends by sending them your preset code, adapting to various in-match scenarios.

Experience the introduction of fresh game elements like daily QUEST & MISSIONS, aiding your game progression. As rewards become progressively challenging to earn with rising levels, these elements enhance the gaming journey.

Seize control of every decision – pick up, throw, and direct hits depend on your skills as the fielder.

Select and partake in a wide array of International and Domestic Cricket Tournaments, including the RCPL 2022, World Cup 2019, World Test Championship, Ashes, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, RCPL, and Premier Leagues worldwide.

Relive cherished memories by participating in ODI World Cups, T20 World Cups, Tour mode & RCPL Editions. Real Cricket™ 22 remains the only Mobile Cricket Game allowing users to join the Real Cricket Premier League (RCPL) Auction, construct their team, and contend for the illustrious Premier League cup!

Personalize your experience with distinctive player faces, models, and stylized team jerseys bearing numbers on the back.

Savor the essence of the longest and purest form of Cricket in Real Cricket™ 22. It offers lifelike Match Conditions, Gameplay, and commentary, alongside Field Setup options and Pink Ball Test Cricket. Experience the surreal ambiance of playing Test Cricket under lights with the Pink Ball.

As genuine as it can get, Real Cricket™ 22 presents an authentic Cricket experience on your mobile device.

Please note, this game is free to download and includes in-app purchases.
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5. ICC Cricket Mobile

Welcome to ICC Cricket Mobile, the official cricket game by Star Sports and nCore, the creators of FAU-G. Prepare to indulge in the ultimate cricketing experience – a game that sets the standard for the year.

• Immerse yourself in a cricketing encounter as authentic as they come.
• Listen to your favorite celebrity commentators, including Ian Bishop and Jatin Sapru, with more to come.
• Choose your nation and compete against top ICC cricketing nations.
• Explore a range of International Stadiums, diverse pitch types, and varying daytimes.
• Tackle new and diverse challenges as you advance through the game.
• Select your team and engage in thrilling matches against fierce rivals.
• Perfect for sports enthusiasts who enjoy team games like football.

Experience the purest form of real-life cricket – batting, bowling, and fielding – on your mobile device, featuring high-quality graphics and motion capture. Lead your preferred ICC team and put your favorite cricketers to the test. Battle against other teams, devise strategies in real-time, and rise to the top. Relive the finest moments of the match through dynamic camera angles. Witness the highlights of past and upcoming Cricketing Events.

Game Modes:

• Quick Match – Refresh yourself with 2, 5, and 10 over matches even while on the go. Responding to your requests, we’ve introduced 20 and 50 overs for those who love extended gameplay.
• Tournament – Compete against different countries to conquer the league in various ICC tournaments. You can now also play the Official ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022!
• ICC Vault: Seasonal challenges that simulate iconic match scenarios, requiring you to achieve specific targets to triumph.
• Turning Point: A unique feature of the game – we handpick and simulate scenarios from the previous day’s games, including ball line, length, and more.
• Match of the day: Engage in upcoming pivotal matches of the day to earn additional coins as rewards.
• World Rivals: Embark on a career mode where you’ll undertake drills to enhance your strategy and skills. Complete challenges and earn rewards!
• Super Over: Participate in intense super overs against rival teams or relive historic super overs.
• Multiplayer: Play as an ICC nation or represent your favorite regional teams from Star Premier League in multiplayer matches.

Exclusive features:

• Live Stadiums – Dive into the cricketing narrative by playing in renowned stadiums such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, London, Sydney, and more.
• Notable commentators – Engrossing live on-field commentary from Ian Bishop and Jatin Sapru. Choose between English and Hindi for now; let us know which languages you’d like to see next.
• 16 International teams mirroring real-world player performance.
• Realistic Actions – Experience motion-captured animations of Batting, Bowling, and Fielding. We continuously enhance and add new actions with each update.
• Cinematic Cutscenes – Immerse yourself with broadcast-like camera views for an authentic experience.
• Dynamic Gameplay – Optimized to match your skill level and mobile device capabilities.



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