5 new offline games for android 2023

In 2023, the Android gaming scene has been graced with a fresh lineup of offline games that cater to a variety of tastes. These titles offer engaging experiences without requiring an internet connection.

Top 5 Offline Games like Free Fire

One game is a captivating role-playing adventure, featuring a rich storyline and diverse character development. Another stands out with its stunning open-world exploration, allowing players to roam freely and uncover hidden treasures. There’s also an adrenaline-pumping racing game that boasts realistic graphics and thrilling challenges.

For strategy enthusiasts, a new offline strategy game provides intricate gameplay, requiring players to devise cunning tactics and build empires. Lastly, a puzzle-solving game has emerged, combining brain-teasers with immersive storytelling.

These games collectively demonstrate the growing diversity and quality of offline gaming options on Android, ensuring that gamers can enjoy immersive experiences anytime, anywhere, even when disconnected from the internet.

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Grand Criminal Online (GCO) is a multiplayer open-world PvP action game with different game modes: RP, sandbox PvP, sandbox PvE.

Decide who YOU will be in the world of the GCO game: a law-abiding citizen working an office job, a gangster looking for a payday, or maybe an executive with stock in leading companies?
Choose your path and achieve success by any means necessary!

Game Update: Version 0.7.12 (26.12.2022) :
[New features]
-Added a new location ‘Epic Nightclub’. There you can relax, dance and drink drinks, as well as arrange a showdown in the toilet with other players
-Added a new type of transport ‘Helicopters’. Added three helicopters
-Added animations of emotions, dances and actions
-Added a small secret island in the middle of the ocean
-Added a new car Pride EQ2050 (military armored jeep)
-Added a platform with holes in the stadium
-Added animations of interaction with a mobile phone
-Added access to the roof for an elite penthouse, there is a helipad and places to relax
-Added a free experience in the store
-Added a garage system. You can easily escape from the police search
-Added radio inside real estate (apartments)
-Added TV inside real estate (apartments)
-Added a system of interaction with interior objects. Now you can lie down on the bed, sit on chairs, armchairs, etc.
-Added a system of pressing hairstyles. Now, when putting on hats, the hairstyle will snuggle under this headdress
-Added blocking of the Global Chat Channel by level (requires level 20 for messages in the global chat)
-Added the ability to block the running stick so that the character runs automatically (enabled in the game settings)
-Added a group system for achievements. Added new achievements
-Added spawn of money in apartments (every 12 hours)
-Added the task ‘Fastest (helicopter)’ in which it is necessary to fly by helicopter to the specified points in the allotted time
-Added the task “Dancer” in which you need to dance for a certain time on the dance floor in the club
-Added a new event ‘New Year gifts’ with unique rewards
– Added a new achievement system with a large number of unique rewards for completing

Grand Criminal Online features:

Modern graphics for mobile phones!
Popular online modes: Play with friends in the sandbox and complete missions together in PvP and PvE missions.
Open world game: a varied city that smoothly transitions from suburban homes to towering skyscrapers.
Criminals team up for a series of heists in the criminal city of Grand Criminal Online.
Sandbox mode: Decide who YOU will be in the world of the Grand Criminal game: There are countless ways to make a living, from driving a car to owning stock in major companies.
Dozens of types of modern and military vehicles, from pickup trucks to super-cars
Varied arsenal of weapons From knives to grenade launchers and machine guns!
Wide variety of clothing and character customization!

This free-to-play game is perfect for anyone who loves gangster Vegas, dope whips, roleplay open worlds, mafia stories, gangs, racing games, shootouts, RP business, street PvP wars, criminal action, luxury yachts, modern tanks.



2. Car Crash Racing Russia

Russian Car Crash Simulator Online and Multiplayer

Realistic game ever made. The main map is located on Russian villages and cities, near garages.
Cars are realistic and detailed. We will continuously add all Russian cars and imported cars that are popular in Russia.

If you love crashing cars, then you’ve come to the right place! RCC – Russian Car Crash Online is a 3D car crash simulation that shows the broken engine to the maximum. Exciting missions, exciting locations, collisions and jumping robots are waiting for you. Become a professional racer, pass extreme crash tests, customize and upgrade parts, get realistic destruction experience.

Online games with friends online
Play online crash test games with your friends. Destroy cars in real time! Incredible locations, extreme destruction, online chat with opponents from all over the world.
Challenge yourself in multiplayer mode!

cool cars
Collect and drive more than 30 legendary cars of different classes: from retro cars to new supercars, from a simple Russian VAZ to a sports Lambo. Customize and upgrade parts: engine, suspension, traction, tires, chassis body to complete them.

Exciting game modes
– Explore open locations, jump, race, crash, smash everything to unlock new cars and upgrade them, but be careful, we have set a lot of traps for you on the map!
– Cellulose or professional? – Challenging tasks and difficult missions!
– In derby mode, destroy your opponents until they destroy you! You can even limit the number of enemies!
– Fly your car away from Mega Ramp, gain top speed to make your car jump as far as possible and deal more damage.

Simulate destruction on your phone
Realistic graphics and 3D physical damage physics – leave your car wrecked and watch it get taken apart! The hood, doors, trunk and even the wheels fall off. Enjoy crash testing wherever you are: on a plane, on a train, at school or at work.

Get ready to enjoy Russian cars at the same time in this car collision game and thrilling Russian car simulator. Enjoy different maps, crash test map and other live Russian transport city map where you can enjoy car crash in traffic jam in real car crash simulator and soviet car simulator.

Have fun destroying Russian vehicles with different types of Soviet vehicles that we offer in our game. Each of them has different properties and is destroyed in different ways.

On the Car Crash map, you can try different types of car destruction, from ramp jumps to stunts and car crashes. There are traffic jams on the emergency city map, you feel like a Russian driver driving through a Russian city. You can accelerate at full speed and at high speed cause an accident by provoking an accident with a Russian driver.

Take part in the most realistic russian car game and russian car crash simulator. The game uses very realistic car destruction physics for fun and realistic controls with Russian car driving simulator. Have fun destroying Russian vehicles.

– 3D realistic cars (Russians and foreign cars).
– Car crash and stunt locations.
– Free destruction of Russian cars.
– Realistic distortion and crushing of cars.
– Completely destroyed cars.
– Realistic driver behavior like in driving simulation games.



3. Off-road mud truck

Off Road is an addictive ultimate mud truck driving game and realistic car racing simulator. Are you ready to start the race in rugged environments and test your driving skills?

Stunning detailed graphics, a huge selection of 4×4 trucks, real driving physics, endless upgrades & customization, and various offroad racing challenges! Get the most realistic off-road racing experience right now!

Off Road racing simulator features:
– Gorgeous graphics & realistic car driving physics
– Various 4×4 trucks & vehicles with different driving characteristics
– Endless tuning & car customization
– Real cars & trucks sounds
– Simple & convenient in-game map
– Dozens of offroad racing challenges & time trials
– Various extreme obstacles in the best 4×4 off road games traditions

Off Road is a driving open road truck simulator for fans of Snow Runner, 4×4 Mania, Offroad Outlaws, Mud Runner, and other off the road mudding games. Endless dirt racing awaits you in this epic off-roading car simulator truck game!

Complete all the challenges and pass races and become a real professional offroading mud truck driver. Do you like off-road diesel truck games? Then download the Off-Road drive rally simulator and embark on a unique driving extreme terrain offroad adventure!



4. Rouge strike

  1. Engaging Gameplay: Rogue Strike offers an immersive gaming experience with its action-packed gameplay.

  2. Tactical Combat: Players can engage in tactical combat scenarios, requiring strategic thinking to succeed.

  3. Variety of Weapons: The game boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, each with unique attributes and customization options.

  4. Dynamic Environments: Explore diverse and dynamically changing environments, from urban settings to wilderness.

  5. Character Customization: Customize your character’s appearance and abilities to suit your playstyle.

  6. Multiplayer Modes: Enjoy multiplayer modes for team-based or free-for-all battles, adding a competitive edge to the game.

  7. Campaign Mode: Immerse yourself in a gripping single-player campaign with an engaging storyline.

  8. Stealth Mechanics: Use stealth and infiltration techniques to complete covert missions and assassinations.

  9. Realistic Graphics: Rogue Strike features stunning, realistic graphics that bring the game world to life.

  10. Upgrade System: Improve your character’s skills and equipment through an in-depth upgrade system.

  11. Challenging AI: Face off against intelligent AI enemies that adapt to your tactics, providing a constant challenge.

  12. Epic Boss Battles: Confront formidable bosses that require skill and strategy to defeat.

  13. Loot and Rewards: Collect valuable loot and rewards as you progress, enhancing your character’s capabilities.

  14. Community and Events: Stay engaged with regular updates, events, and a vibrant online community of players.

  15. Cross-Platform Play: Enjoy the flexibility of cross-platform play, allowing you to team up with friends regardless of their gaming platform.

Rogue Strike offers a rich gaming experience, combining thrilling combat, customization, and a captivating storyline for both solo and multiplayer enthusiasts.



5. Tokyo Commute Drive Simulator

Tokyo Commute Simulator is first real Tokyo Japan and runner arcade action parkour game.
In this game,all scenes are real city life locations in Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan.
You can enjoy street racing,drifting , free walking ,parking parkour in the game.
with the most realistic physics, unlimited customization, huge open world, addictive gameplay and endless fun!

-Real 3D scenes in Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan Highly-detailed environments
-HD high graphics arcade games
-Huge and realistic open world Tokyo japan city
-Photo-realistic 3d city,pedestrian,cars,street prop
-Advanced real physics engine
-Sport and classic ultimate cars.

Tokyo Commute – combines the realism city life sim and fun life sim physics to create the best car arcade life simulator on mobile with its advanced kart car physics engine. The best car driving life simulator comes with the best ultimate city life sim turbo physics! From racing parking cars to off road turbo SUVs kart, all kinds of vehicles have their own physics!

The huge open world 3d map is designed in a creative way to test your extreme car skills and provide the best gameplay life experience. Japan cities, Car Simulator comes with the largest open world life city map with extremely detailed environment. on the endless offroad area with your SUV and experience the most realistic offroad kart parking experience on mobile.

With the help of advanced graphics engine, Tokyo Commute – Simulator now provides the most realistic graphics and deepest 3D ​​gameplay turbo ever on mobile. You will have a hard time distinguishing your extreme cars from the reality!Smart traffic car AI and pedestrian

already started ​​gameplay, your turbo car with the fast speed in the real street asphalt. Racing is the best checking for your parking skills. Experience drift speed ​​gameplay in the kart road, be the king of car racers.

Sick of endless racing life games with third person perspective? might be the game you are looking for.your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Go as fast as possible, overtake traffic cars, earn coins and buy new cars. Eventually, become the king of the global leaderboards.



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